And with your Spirit - Prefaces Download Page

The new English translation of the Missale Romanum editio typica contains over ninety Prefaces with full music notation. As is not possible to include all these on our double CD, And with your spirit, we are pleased to offer these as a free resource to priests, which may be downloaded in mp3 file format from this page.

The recording of these mp3 files has now been completed.  Please let us know if any have been missed.

Jeremy de Satge
13th September 2011


Page No

1. Advent
I The two comings of Christ DOWNLOAD 568
II The twofold expectation of Christ DOWNLOAD 570
2. The Nativity of the Lord
I Christ the Light DOWNLOAD 572
II The restoration of all things in the Incarnation DOWNLOAD 574
III The exchange in the Incarnation of the Word DOWNLOAD 576
3. The Epiphany of the Lord: Christ the light of the nations DOWNLOAD 578
4. Lent
I The spiritual meaning of Lent DOWNLOAD 580
II Spiritual penance DOWNLOAD 582
III The fruits of abstinence DOWNLOAD 584
IV The fruits of fasting DOWNLOAD 586
V The Temptation of the Lord (First Sunday) DOWNLOAD 241
VI The Transfiguration of the Lord (Second Sunday) DOWNLOAD 251
VII The Samaritan Woman (Third Sunday) DOWNLOAD 260
VIII The Man Born Blind (Fourth Sunday) DOWNLOAD 270
IX Lazarus (Fifth Sunday) DOWNLOAD 281
Thursday of the Lord's Supper DOWNLOAD 336
5. The Passion of the Lord
I The power of the Cross DOWNLOAD 588
II The victory of the Passion DOWNLOAD 590
III The Passion of the Lord (Palm Sunday) DOWNLOAD 311
6. Easter
I The Paschal Mystery DOWNLOAD 592
II New life in Christ DOWNLOAD 594
III Christ living and always interceding for us DOWNLOAD 596
IV The restoration of the universe through the Paschal Mystery DOWNLOAD 598
V Christ, Priest and Victim DOWNLOAD 600
7. The Ascension of the Lord
I The Mystery of the Ascension DOWNLOAD 602
II The Mystery of the Ascension DOWNLOAD 604
8. Pentecost Sunday DOWNLOAD 494
9. Sundays in Ordinary Time
I The Paschal Mystery and the People of God DOWNLOAD 606
II The Mystery of salvation DOWNLOAD 608
III The salvation of man by a man DOWNLOAD 610
IV The history of salvation DOWNLOAD 612
V Creation DOWNLOAD 614
VI The pledge of the eternal Passover DOWNLOAD 616
VII Salvation through the obedience of Christ DOWNLOAD 618
VIII The Church united by the unity of the Trinity DOWNLOAD 620
10. Common Prefaces
I The renewal of all things in Christ DOWNLOAD 644
II Salvation through Christ DOWNLOAD 646
III Praise to God for the creation and restoration of the human race DOWNLOAD 648
IV Praise, the gift of God DOWNLOAD 650
V The proclamation of the Mystery of Christ DOWNLOAD 652
VI The Mystery of salvation in Christ DOWNLOAD 654
1. Most Holy Trinity DOWNLOAD 534
2. The Mystery of the Incarnation (25 March) DOWNLOAD 882
3. The Baptism of the Lord DOWNLOAD 228
4. The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus DOWNLOAD 541
5. The Victory of the Glorious Cross (14 September) DOWNLOAD 1004
6. Most Holy Eucharist
I The Sacrifice and the Sacrament of Christ DOWNLOAD 622
II The fruits of the Most Holy Eucharist DOWNLOAD 623
7. The Mystery of the Presentation of the Lord (2 February) DOWNLOAD 856
8. Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe DOWNLOAD 544
9. The Mystery of the Transfiguration 6 August) DOWNLOAD 966
10. The Dedication of a Church
I The Mystery of the Temple of God, which is the Church DOWNLOAD 1092
II The Mystery of the Church, the Bride of Christ and Temple of the Spirit DOWNLOAD 1094
11. The Holy Spirit
I The sending of the Spirit by the Lord upon the Church DOWNLOAD 1405
II The action of the Spirit in the Church DOWNLOAD 1408
12. The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ DOWNLOAD 538
1. The Blessed Virgin Mary
I The Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Common I) DOWNLOAD 624
II The Church praises God with the words of Mary (Common II) DOWNLOAD 626
III The Mystery of Mary and the Church DOWNLOAD 1076
IV The Glory of Mary assumed into heaven (15 August) DOWNLOAD 982
V Mary, Model and Mother of the Church (votive) DOWNLOAD 1412
2. The Angels: God glorified through the Angels (29 September; 2 October) DOWNLOAD 1018
3. The mission of the Precursor (24 June; 29 August) DOWNLOAD 934
4. The mission of Saint Joseph (19 March; 1 May) DOWNLOAD 876
5. The twofold mission of Peter and Paul in the Church (29 June) DOWNLOAD 940
6. The Apostles
I The Apostles, shepherds of Godís people DOWNLOAD 628
II The apostolic foundation and witness DOWNLOAD 630
7. Saints
I The glory of the Saints DOWNLOAD 632
II The action of the Saints DOWNLOAD 634
III The glory of Jerusalem, our mother (1 November) DOWNLOAD 1040
8. Holy Martyrs
I The sign and example of martyrdom DOWNLOAD 636
II The wonders of God in the victory of the Martyrs DOWNLOAD 638
9. Holy Pastors: The presence of holy Pastors in the Church DOWNLOAD 640
10. Holy Virgins and Religious: The sign of a life consecrated to God DOWNLOAD 642
1. For the Conferral of Holy Orders
I For the Ordination of a Bishop: The Priesthood of Christ and the ministry of Priests DOWNLOAD 1194
II For the Ordination of Priests: The Priesthood of Christ and the ministry of Priests DOWNLOAD 1208
III For the Ordination of Deacons: Christ, source of all ministry in the Church DOWNLOAD 1220
IV For the Ordination of Deacons and Priests in the same Celebration: Christ, source of all ministry in the Church DOWNLOAD 1231
2. For the Celebration of Marriage
I The dignity of the marriage covenant DOWNLOAD 1237
II The great Sacrament of Matrimony DOWNLOAD 1244
III Matrimony as a sign of divine love DOWNLOAD 1250
3. For Religious Profession: Religious life as service of God through the imitation of Christ DOWNLOAD 1270
4. For the Dedication of a Church
I The Mystery of Godís Temple DOWNLOAD 1282
II The Mystery of the Temple of God, which is the Church DOWNLOAD 1285
5. For the Dedication of an Altar: Christ himself is the altar DOWNLOAD 1290
1. The Chrism Mass: The Priesthood of Christ and the ministry of Priests DOWNLOAD 324
2. Eucharistic Prayer for use in Masses for Various Needs
I The Church on the Path of Unity DOWNLOAD 804
II God Guides his Church along the Way of Salvation DOWNLOAD 810
III Jesus, the Way to the Father DOWNLOAD 816
IV Jesus, who went about doing good DOWNLOAD 824
3. In the Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation
I Reconciliation with the Father in Christ DOWNLOAD 788
II The gift of mutual reconciliation DOWNLOAD 796
4. For the Anniversary of the Dedication of a Church: The Mystery of the Temple of God, which is the Church DOWNLOAD 1090
5. For the Unity of Christians: The unity of the Body of Christ, which is the Church DOWNLOAD 1337
6. For the Dead
I The hope of resurrection in Christ DOWNLOAD 656
II Christ died so that we might live DOWNLOAD 659
III Christ, the salvation and the life DOWNLOAD 660
IV From earthly life to heavenly glory DOWNLOAD 662
V Our resurrection through the victory of Christ DOWNLOAD 664