Missa Melismatica

Unison Mass in English
for choir and congregation
with organ accompaniment

incorporating the Third Edition Missale Romanum English edition translation

* now including the Apostles' Creed *

music by Jeremy de Satgé
(Catalogue L028)


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We are pleased to offer a further congregational Mass setting using the new English translation of the Third Edition Missale Romanum. The idea is to provide a useful Mass setting that may be sung by choir and congregation.  Missa Melismatica includes a setting of the Apostles' Creed, which the new missal encourages to be used in addition to the Nicene Creed, especially during Lent and Eastertide.

Melody parts on A5 card are also available.

The organ accompaniment is designed to be accessible for parish organists and the use of pedals to double the bass is particularly recommended in the Kyrie and Agnus Dei sections. It is suggested that a moderate tempo (circa crotchet = 72) be used throughout the Mass, though we suggest that more petitional part of the Gloria be sung at a slightly slower tempo (circa crotchet = 64) from “you take away the sins of the world”, returning to the original tempo at “For you alone are the Holy one”.

The use of Cantor/Tutti markings is entirely optional and would depend upon particular circumstances. If there are not strong enough singers to cantor, then the organ introduction of the first bar should be sufficient to ensure that everyone starts together. In the Agnus Dei section it would be appropriate to have a cantor or cantors sing “Lamb of God” each time, if resources allow.

Dynamic markings have deliberately not been included and these are at the discretion of organists and choir directors to interpret as they see fit.

In terms of introducing this Mass setting, we would recommend that a choir learns and sings this for a few weeks before introducing it to the congregation. That way, it will already be familiar to a congregation.

Missa Melismatica is available as follows: -

Title Catalogue Ref


Missa Melismatica - accompaniment part


£3.00 per copy

Missa Melismatica
melody part on A5 card
(20 copy pack)

£5.00 per pack

Missa Melismatica
melody part on A5 card
(50 copy pack)

£11.50 per pack

Missa Melismatica
melody part on A5 card
(100 copy pack)

£20.00 per pack

Missa Melismatica
melody part on A5 card
(licence to copy unlimited copies overwritten with parish name for single parish use only)


NB prices exclude postage costs.

Jeremy de Satgé
September 2010

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