The First Christmas
A Nativity Play in Words, Song, Music & Dance

Devised & written by Jeremy de Satgé
Music by Michael Gryspeerdt
(Catalogue L009)


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Dramatis Personae
(in order of appearance)

Angel Gabriel

Chief Shepherd


King Herod
Courtier to King Herod


A pair of Turtle Doves
Two Young Pigeons


With the Millennium still in everybody’s memory, it is arguably more appropriate than ever that children should learn and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas and its origins. With this in mind, two of the founders of The Music Makers have joined forces to produce a Nativity Play designed to be performed in schools by Primary and Secondary School children and would like to make the following comments with regard to its performance: -

  • The beauty of this Nativity Play is its flexibility and it can be performed using whatever resources are available. It is aimed that this play should be performed by children from Junior to Senior schools.
  • Musically the play offers: 2 Choruses, 2 Group songs, 2 Solo songs, 1 Duet and 3 Dances.
  • The minimum accompaniment needed is a piano - the score is easy to play for somebody with Grade 5. The full score, however, includes parts for recorder and/or flute, clarinet, violin, ‘cello, untuned & tuned percussion which should be played as available.
  • The play includes a Narrator who should be played either by an older child or parent/teacher. The girl to play Mary should be someone a little older and someone who should also be able to sing well. Joseph's only song is the Duet.
  • The dance routines give scope for imaginative choreography. The music of each of the three dances reflects the movement of animals concerned.

For a printable information leaflet about the play in pdf format please click on leaflet.

You may also listen to the individual musical numbers in mp3 format, although this is purely instrumental.  To do this please click on the appropriate hyperlinks below.
  1. Opening Chorus “Come and listen..”

  2. Mary’s Song (Magnificat) “My heart  and my soul”

  3. Mary & Joseph Duet “Twinkle, twinkle”

  4. Dance of the Animals

  5. Song of the Angels “Glory to God..”

  1. Shepherds’ Song “Sleep now little child..”
  2. Turtle Dove and Pigeon Dance

  3. Simeon’s Song (Nunc Dimittis) “I have waited.”

  4. Dance of the Camels

  5. Final Chorus “Time to go now”

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