Missa Pro Populo

by Jeremy de Satgé
(Catalogue L004)


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"...we encourage people to learn to say or sing in Latin those parts of the Mass that are properly belonging to the people.."
(from Sacrosanctum Concilium, Constitution on the Liturgy, Vatican II)

In writing a new setting of the Mass which can be sung by both choir and congregation I am hoping to add to the repertoire of post Vatican II music. Indeed this is very much the ethos of the liturgical catalogue of The Music Makers. The music is intended to be both interesting and accessible to amateur choirs and congregations. Much of the music draws from the plainsong tradition of the Church which, to quote Vatican II again, "..should be given pride of place.."

An objective of the Missa pro Populo is that it should be flexible. At the very least, it may be sung unaccompanied by a quartet of singers. The vocal score has an optional organ accompaniment. It is to be hoped that congregations will be able to join in with the choir and easy-ro-read vocal parts for the congregation are also available. Other instruments, such as are frequently seen in churches, may also play the tune and harmony lines of the Mass as appropriate.

Above all, performance of the Missa pro Populo should be exciting and be an aide to raising our hearts and minds to glorifying Almighty God. I hope you enjoy singing it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.