Background & Biographies

The Music Makers was formed in 1996 by three Catholic composers and musicians: David Hoyland, Michael Gryspeerdt and Jeremy de Satgé in order to publish and promote new church music, principally for the Roman Catholic liturgy.

An important objective of The Music Makers is to add to the repertoire of “quality” post Vatican II church music, with the aim of creating new music which upholds the tradition of the Church (stemming from the Gregorian tradition) whilst keeping firmly in line with the guidelines set by the documents of Vatican II. It is also the objective of The Music Makers to produce music which is accessible to the amateur choir as well as professional: in other words to produce music of quality and integrity which is not too difficult to perform. The published music makes use of both Latin and English texts and although primarily designed for the Roman Catholic liturgy, is suitable for other Christian denominations as well.

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